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Production Process

In order to guarantee the best quality of our Doors and Windows we have chosen to maintain control of the whole production process from the start to finish.Woodcut Using cutting equipment we cut the timber using the "Wood Mizer" Woodcutmaschine and dry it in special italian drying chambers manufactured by the company "SECAL". Controlling this process enshures us with the quality raw material for our future woods and windows.


After the drying process the wood is processed at profesionall italian equipment from the company "SCM". For high precision and quality our processed wood is further manufactured on an italian CNC MASCHINE "Tech Z2".cnc

This gives our door and windows elements high precision and quality. The ready elements are then glued together and pressed in an italian maschine. Following is the cncgrinding process, followed by the varnishing process.

To enshure high quality and durability for our products we use special varnishes suitable for our product range individually.

As you can see we do our best to keep you satissfied with our products quality enshuring the quality is maintained throughout the whole production process.